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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

For many years, QualityCare Pharmacies lived in JFK’s quote and when I look back, many of us may have been content with “present times”. Our “future” was painted on the wall, and fortunately for us, “change” was imminent. QualityCare Pharmacies had the foresight to see some of these changes coming and believe we set up ourselves and our member’s for the future.

Through our valued partnerships we are able to offer our members an aggressive cost of goods, impressive rebate/credit potential and a “WOW” customer service experience. Other opportunities include Pharmacy innovation, clinical services, PBM and small employer insurance plan, franchise and acquisition opportunities. Quality secondary brand Rx and generic supplier opportunities with low minimums and competitive pricing.

While much in our businesses has changed, QualityCare Pharmacies dedication to Independent Pharmacy hasn’t. We’ve both been dealt some blows but we will continue on. What was once a business based on trust, service and loyalty has now strictly turned into a survival of the fittest. QualityCare Pharmacies and our partners offer pieces of the “past, present and future”.

In 1989 Robin Willmott started the then Legend Pharmacies with just 3 members. Over the years Robin led what is now QualityCare Pharmacies to many milestones. Today our membership exceeds 800 members and we returned nearly $100,000,000 to our members. While our business model has changed, our members now receive a better COG, much higher monthly rebate/credit up front without waiting for quarterly monies.

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In Memory of Robin Willmott

June 6, 1947 – April 16, 2015

Executive Director of Quality Care Pharmacies

QualityCare Pharmacies lost one of its greatest advocates.  Robin will always be remembered for his passionate and unequaled dedication to Independent Pharmacy.


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